It’s the season of giving–but I’ve been doing a lot of taking. It’s time to say thanks!

My best friend gave me Nutella.

Because it was in a weightlifter-themed jar. Oh yeah! Now I can pretend that chocolatey,  hazelnutty goodness is fueling my muscles! I mean, clearly this is a fitness product, right?

My mom gave me cottage cheese.

Homemade cottage cheese. From scratch. Like, you start with a gallon of milk, magic happens, and then you have cottage cheese. She wanted to make sure there were low/no-sodium high-protein food options on hand when I visited last weekend–so she just went ahead and made those options. And the cottage cheese was so good. You think you know cottage cheese? Nope, not until you have homemade.

Sarah gave me the opportunity to try new weird food.

Thai-mango-salsa and Greek yogurt spread on Wasa crisps? Oh. Yes. The sweet, spicy, tangy, crunchy goodness.

My chickens gave me more eggs.

Egg #1 wasn’t a fluke! I’ve now had five backyard-farm fresh eggs. You think you know eggs? Nope, not until you have homemade. Seriously, go to a farmer’s market and treat yourself to some local goodness–I can even tell you how different and amazing the taste is!

A trainer at the gym gave me a compliment.

And told me he wished I’d train him for just one month. Umm, you’re the trainer. (And you’re already hot and fit…but 42. Damn. Half plus seven? Not quite.) But rock on!

Jessie gave me a reminder to say “Thanks!”

Check out (and join in!) Jessie’s Thankful Thursday link up for more reasons to appreciate it all.

And most importantly?

Heather is giving me company on my journey to Atlanta this weekend (and there’s a rumor she’ll also be giving us pancakes)–And Laura is giving us a place to stay (and another awesome weekend-in-ATL experience)! I love these girls! I can’t wait to meet Heather and spend more time with Laura!

What have you been given lately? How do you pay it forward?