I’m convinced that taking a day off of work ends up being more work than just going to work. I somehow came back to six days of work that now has to be fit into four. At least I have memories of the weekend in Atlanta to hold me over!

I spent the weekend with two lovely ladies–Laura and Heather! And you know food is involved when three food bloggers meet up for good times in a fun location. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love eating in, too–So I thought a fun WIAW would be a face-off between some at-home eats and my vacation treats!

Breakfast: Cinnamon Skirmish

Vacation Treats: Snickerdoodle protein pancakes made by the pancake queen herself!


Home Eats: Greek yogurt with a peanut-butter-banana sauce, smothered in cinnamon. I can’t compete with pancakes made by the master, but in case you can’t tell–this was pretty darn good, too.

Lunch: Tempeh Tribulation

Home Eats: BBQ-baked tempeh with nutmeg-spiced turnip puree (I almost made it in time for Heather’s Meatless Monday challenge…).


Vacation Treats: Tempeh “chicken” salad from Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe.

Dessert: Sugar Smack-Down

Vacation Treats: A sugar-coma inducing coffee tres leches with bourbon ice cream from PushStart Kitchen. Woah.


Home Eats: Cranberries and chocolate-protein-whip. It’s no tres leches, but might be a little more practical for everyday eating…

Drink: Warming Warfare

Vacation Treats: Spiced moonshine. Oh, yes!


Home Eats: Peppermint hot chocolate. Oh, yes!

I’m all about good habits, but you know you have to break a few of those when travel, friends and adventures are involved.

Do you prefer home or away food? Best you’ve had of each this week?