When taking a day off from work means spending the rest of the week slogging through an impossible backlog of work…You realize your last hope of getting in a post is when someone tells you exactly what to say.

Survey Time!

I’m stealing the Last Chance Survey that’s been floating around.

Last food you ate….

Breakfast! Man, this was an ugly breakfast. But it’s probablyan honest representation of how most of my meals look. Greek yogurt and frozen banana, smothered in cinnamon soon after this picture was taken.

Last beverage you drank….

Well, water, but that’s pretty boring, so let’s take a step back to my early AM attempt at a peppermint latte. I misjudged my peppermint usage, but hey, nothing like a mouth full of caffeinated peppermint extract to wake you up in the morning.

Last workout….

Legs! Not going to lie, my favorite day at the gym. Although now I’m hungry enough to eat someone’s arm. Why do I never pack enough food on leg days? I should know by now.

Last thing you pinned….

I don’t understand the allure of Pinterest! Why do I need lists of things I’ll never do??

Last place you visited….

You mean fun place? Why, my weekend in Atlanta, of course! Regular place? Work.

Last time you did ab work…

Today, surprisingly, since I kinda think ab work is pointless. But I got bored between sets of pullups.

Last show you watched…

RuPaul’s Drag Race. Last Thursday. I have no TV, so my TV watching opportunities are few and far between. Still bummed that my classy and sassy queen Latrice Royale is gone. Still not ashamed that I get way too into this show.

Last thing you baked….

Does “putting eggs in the microwave” count as baking? Because if so, then that.

Last thing you instagrammed…

Is this a verb now? *Sigh* I posted this pic of my newly organized spice collection. Crafts + organization make me happy.

Last item on your to-do list today…

I’ll just give you a sneak peek at the whole thing…and my horrendous handwriting.

What’s on your to-do list today?