It’s been mentioned before–I’m a morning person. And not just any old morning person, starting at 4am morning person. Why? Because there are so many good things about the morning.

Like Breakfast.

Who doesn’t love breakfast?

The prospect of fresh eggs from my chickens with a side of baked homegrown sweet potato makes it hard to stay in bed.

Like Lamp.

I love lamp.

Time spent soaking up some fake rays and thinking quietly gives me a good dose of “me time,” starts my day off right and is really helping with my usual winter struggles.

Like books and coffee.

Mmm, coffee. Mmm, books.

I’m still in love with both of Trader Joe’s seasonal coffees–gingerbread and wintry spice–and what goes better with coffee than a little reading?

Like the gym.

I’m there when the doors open at 5 and so is my morning gym crowd. We lift, we laugh, we try to understand each other over language/accent barriers, we tackily wear booty shorts and knee-high socks. Oh wait, that last one’s just me.

Like being prepared.

Food=my favorite.

When you need to bring second breakfast and lunches #1 and #2 to work, a little time for last minute assembly comes in handy.

Like being done for the day.

By the time I’ve gone through all this, I’m done with the (not-actual-job-work) work part of my day. I just get to slide through 8 hours in front of a computer, and then the rest of the day is mine to spend running errands, hanging out with friends and watching too many episodes of Six Feet Under (I’mΒ  hooked).

Do you have a morning routine? What’s your attitude toward mornings?