The past two months I’ve been setting goals to try new foods and new recipes. I can’t say it’s been a rousing success last month or this, but it’s a healthy new habit I’m working on. And I did get a few good (new) things out of it!

New Squash

I love squash. So when I get the chance to try a new kind? You know I’m game. The newbies: Turban squash and delicata squash (the latter a way awesome gift from Sarah). Verdict? Turban squash isn’t a favorite–dry, chalky, stringy and overall blah in flavor. Maybe it’s just supposed to be a decorative squash? However delicata squash is just like it’s name–delicate sweet flavor with a crumbly soft texture.

New Peanut Pancakes

As hard as it was to try a peanut pancake recipe other than my usual go-to, I just forced myself to try Heather’s Peanut Butter Cookie Pancakes. Verdict? Delicious! Now I can’t choose a favorite recipe–so I’ve given up and taken to mashing the two recipes together when I need a pancake & peanut fix.

New Bars

Pure Protein bars. Verdict? the “cake” part is the traditional overly-chewy grainy protein consistency of many bars, but the blueberry goo may or may not make up for it. An overall decent bar, but no new favorite.

New Balls

Quorn meatballs. Verdict? Quorn has some pretty rockin’ ingredients for a frozen premade product. I’d tried Quorn’s “chicken” products in theΒ  past and been impressed, and these are no exception. Good stuff–although way too salty for my current tastebuds.

Try anything new lately?