I woke up pretty convinced it was Friday. You know what’s disappointing? When it’s not Friday. So I was all set to make an end of the month goal recap and reset post…and then realized there’s still another day left in the month. Oh well.

The Fitness

  • Last month: Stretch every day. Result: Failure. I can’t seem to make this goal happen.
  • This month: Create an afternoon routine. I love my morning routine. But the afternoons? They get a little sloppy. So how about I come home from work, do some pushups, do some pullups, stretch a little, and then get to making dinner? New routine! The point isn’t to “exercise,” but just to swing body parts around/get moving a little after a day at a desk.
  • Last month: Focus on my posture. I definitely thought about it more!
  • This month: Keep it up(right). I felt much better and less slumpy overall last month, so I just need to keep on keepin’ on with this one.
  • Last month: Stay on track with my fitness competition goals. I put in the work at the gym, but may not have seen all the results I could. Why? I slacked off on eating right. And by that I mean, on eating enough. Winter just makes me blah and not hungry in the evenings, but I can fight that!
  • This month: Stick to the nutrition plan! And get ready to tackle the new exercise plan my trainer just sent…

The Female

  • Last month: Buy a sofa. I’ll let you guess if that actually happened or not. (Hint: It didn’t.)
  • This month: Take a month off from worrying about buying a sofa. I have better things (a.k.a. Christmas gifts) to spend my brain power and money on.
  • Last month: Get creative once a week. Succeeded in the second half of the month–and I have the giant oil-paint-involving-mess to prove it.
  • This month: Make some gifts for friends and family. I like to supplement the stuff I buy with some cheesy stuff I make–has more meaning, blah blah blah. But mostly it’s just great incentive to have fun and stretch the ol’ right side of the brain.
  • Last month: Read more. Done! Until the past few days, since I picked up a few not-so-satisfying books in a row.
  • This month: Keep reading. I think this means I have an excuse to go used book shopping this weekend…Any recommendations?

The Food

  • Last month: Stay motivated. Minus being a little sloppy on getting in all my end-of-the-day calories, I didn’t have the psychological struggle with my nutrition plan this month. Win! (A few days completely off for Thanksgiving may or may  not have helped…)
  • This month: Stick to the nutrition plan! Yup, this is doubled from the fitness category. If I want to grow muscles, I’ve got to fuel those muscles!
  • Last month: Try a new food each week and try a new blog-found recipe each week. If you caught yesterday’s WIAW, there’s a quick recap of my almost-accomplishment of these goals.
  • This month: Keep trying new things in the kitchen! I’ll just lump “new foods” and “new recipes” together here.
  • This month: Try a new restaurant. I love my favorite go-tos, but there is so much food in this city! I can branch out once or twice.

And in case you can’t tell by my color coordination here, there may or may not be an overall goal of: Get ready for Christmas. My neighbors’ tacky decorations went up earlier this week, I think I need to join in…

What are your goals for the upcoming month?