This week’s why I’m a morning person series continue with myΒ favorite part of my favorite part of the day. Breakfast. And, while it may not seem to fit this month’s WIAW theme, well, breakfast IS a holiday, if you ask me. One I get to celebrate every day!

My breakfasts for the week are pretty repetitive, but I like simple, basic and easy in the morning (I mean really, does anyone have the brain power for anything else at that time of day?) You could call this week’s worth of breakfasts a “rut,” but I prefer, “delicious piles of awesomeness.”

Option A: Eggs and Orange Stuff


Eggs and spaghetti squash, eggs and kabocha squash, eggs and sweet potato. Thank goodness my chickens have been laying up a storm!

Option B: Greek Yogurt and Orange Stuff


Greek yogurt, cinnamon, maple syrup and spaghetti squash. Greek yogurt, acorn squash and peanut flour.

Option C: Pancakes


Because it’s just not a weekend if pancakes aren’t involved at some point.

And of course honorable mention goes out to the humble and un-photogenic star of my second breakfasts: Oatmeal (with protein powder).

What’s your favorite breakfast?Do you like the same thing every day, or do you shake it up?