I mentioned being a morning person–and a morning gym-goer at that. So today’s Fitness Friday fits right in with this week’s theme of recapping reasons why I love the morning. Today’s reason? The gym! Okay, maybe I’d work a little harder/be a little more awake and aware if I went in the afternoons, but I’d have to actually get there in the afternoons–and that’s not likely to happen. There’s always an excuse later in the day: Busy, hungry, tired, bored, traffic, crowded, etc. But in the morning? I don’t have enough time to come up with those. I just go.

To my homey, cozy, low-key YMCA in a pretty low-income area. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it’s small, things that aren’t firmly secured disappear, the young hip kids go elsewhere–but I love the crowd. It’s a weird conglomeration of loud middle-aged gym-bros and nerdy accountants; Hispanic, African and Middle-Eastern language-speakers; conservative old redneck men and flamboyant old gay men; and the occasional lost-looking female who makes her way onto the weight floor, picks up a five-pound weight, curls it once or twice, and then scurries back to the treadmills.


Totally stole this image…but it’s spectacular.

So who needs shiny new equipment when you have a gym crowd that intimidates rather than encourages? My gym is my home-away-from-home. The people at the counter know me, all the regulars are encouraging, and all the guys are…attentive? I’ve been nick-named “The Distraction,” but hell, I’m already the only girl on the weight floor–I might as well be the only girl on the weight floor who is also wearing knee-high socks and booty shorts.


Dear Tyra, how’s my booty tooch?

And those days where I don’t feel like getting to the gym? I know my morning crowd will give me hell the next day if I don’t. And those days where I feel like I’m not progressing, I can’t reach my goals, I don’t know what I’m doing? Someone comes along and compliments my strength, my guns, my dedication or just the fact that I’m there. Warm fuzzies much? Yup. And that’s why I love the gym in the morning.


I also love seasonal flavors of froyo. That has nothing to do with the gym. But everything to do with I love gingerbread-and-eggnog froyo.

When do you gym? What sort of gym do you go to?