This weekend I needed to get a training session in, and I also needed to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Solution? Drag her with me to Atlanta!

How to Spend the Weekend with Your Mom

Step One: Wake up bright and early and hit the road to Atlanta.

Step Two: Find a Dunkin’ Donuts. Convert your mom to the best (not-made-at-home) coffee.


Step Three: Meet with your trainer. Leg press 4x your bodyweight. No big deal, right?

Step Four: Let your mom drive until your legs stop shaking.

Step Five: Fear her terrible city-driving skills. Capture that emotion while she isn’t looking. Surprise her with it later.


Step Six: Wander around Atlantic Station. In 70 degree weather. In mid-December.

Step Seven: Get some Christmas shopping done.

Step Eight: Pause for delicious lunch.


Step Nine: Cirque Du Soleil!



Step Ten: Go out for a fancy birthday dinner at Cardamom Hill. Be not that impressed with the food (except the oh-so-tasty bhajia appetizer) and continue to wish you could actually see what you’re eating at nice restaurants.


Step Eleven: Drive home, exhausted but happy after a weekend full of fitness, fun and family.

What did you do this weekend? How do you say “Happy Birthday” to your family?