How happy am I that Laura has created a strange-but-good food link-up? I can only express my joy through song.

(You better sing this to The Sounds of Music’s “My Favorite Things.” Or else I’ll have to post a video of me singing it, and, trust me, no one wants that.)

My Strange Food Things

Okra for breakfast and TVP for lunch,

Cookies for dinner and pea smoothies for brunch,

Bulk jars of cinnamon dumped on all things,

These are a few favorite strange food things.


Large bags of quinoa and vital wheat gluten,

Frozen cranberries and vegan fig newtons,

Protein and protein and protein galore,

These are the strange things of which I want more.


Shopping for groceries and cooking without meat,

Downing three breakfasts and planning what to eat,

Read blogs for hours and still not be done,

These are a few strange things I do for fun.


When the stove breaks,

When the bread molds,

When veggies go baaaaad…

I simply remember strange foodie things,

And then I don’t feel so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Strange but Good