Since I love a good dose of the holiday spirit, it’s time to reflect on some…

Things That Bring Me Joy

Lists! Paragraphs and transitions are for weenies!

Nuts! Who doesn’t love nuts? Almonds, that is. Whipped up two batches of spiced almonds last night–Cocoa Cardamom and Sweet and Spicy. Perfect last minute gifts.

Family! I get to see my folks in 1.5 days. Also add time off to this category–Done for 9 days in 1.5 days!

Eggs! Three eggs is a new one-day max for my flock.


Free Stuff! Why yes, I do sign up for every store card imaginable. Why? Because then free. A free drink at Starbucks and a free bagel at Panera this morning. Don’t mind if I do. Carb-a-peppermint-latte-licious.

Travel! Planned some last minute jet-setting for right after Christmas (I mean, I did save $7 this morning, so why not drop a couple hundred somewhere else?). I can’t wait!

Trees! Fake or not, it makes me smile.


What brings you some holiday joy?