Guess who’s updating from San Antonio! Oh yes, this kid. While I hang out with a hot cup of coffee and wait for The Alamo to open for the day, I thought I’d give a quick holiday recap. Well, part one of my holiday recap.

I hope you had a holly, jolly Christmas! I sure did. Four days of relaxing with the family and leaving work, stress and more behind. Thank goodness I had this quick after-Christmas vacation planned, or I may have cried when I left (okay, I may have cried a little anyway…). Even though four gorgeous days with the family were treat enough, you know there were some good edible treats involved as well.

Peanut brittle.

Peanut Brittle

You’ll notice a certain father couldn’t keep his grabby hands out of my picture…

Gingerbread cookies.

Gingerbread Cookies

You’ll notice a certain blogger couldn’t keep her grabby mouth of the picture…It’s apparently family trait. Seriously, you hold a cookie and try not to take a bite out of it.

Vegan Cheesecake.

Vegan Cheesecake

A stunningly delicious cashew-based vegan cheesecake with pecans and a graham cracker crust.



If you’ve been around here before, you may already know that my mom is the mistress of coffee. Seriously, it’s like visiting a high-end coffee shop.

Christmas dinner.

Christmas Dinner

In case you thought I only ate delicious plates full of sweet or caffeine this Christmas…Well, check out my Christmas dinner! There may be no sugar involved, but everything here was a treat. Roasted parsnips, cranberry sauce, cornbread stuffing, and sauteed Brussels sprouts. I went back for seconds. And thirds.

Okay, now I need to catch up and read about everyone’s Christmas eats, treats and good times! What was the highlight(s?) of your holiday?