Since it’s New Year’s Day, that means I have to make a New Year’s post, right? Well, last year wasn’t perfect (but would it be any fun if it was??), but itΒ was fabulous. So this year? I just want more of the same.

More New Places

I started the year with a week in Costa Rica, saw New Orleans, returned to NYC for my yearly visit, got to know Atlanta and visited San Antonio (I’m recapping that tomorrow!). Next year? I want to see more! Thailand, Arizona, New York (again) and more are all potential stops!

More New Experiences

Between training for a figure competition, getting a raise and a promotion at work, buying a house, exploring my city, going to shows and concerts and trying new (old) foods — I don’t always need to travel to experience more! I want to keep learning new things, taking classes, trying new eats and checking out local sites and events.

More Chickens

I’m going to expand my flock this spring with more lovely ladies (in some new breeds). Because if you’re going to be a crazy chicken lady, you might as well go all out.


What do you want more of in the coming year?