I wanted to post more colorful things today, I really did. But then I haven’t put the finishing touches on my (newly pink) bathroom so I can’t share quite yet, and I’m leaving for a long weekend so meals have been “Clean out the fridge–just dump leftovers in a bowl and scarf!”

So you get a post about me, social media and extreme levels of coolness instead.

Social Media: Outcast

Facebook. I updated mine once in the past two months, simply to say, “I’m going to Jamaica!” And then realized, this is why I hate Facebook. It’s pretty much used only for the following these days:

  • Bragging about how much better your life is than everyone else’s
  • Whining about how much worse your life is than anyone else’s
  • Posting political rants full of incorrect grammar and misspellings


(Update: My life is infinitely better than yours, because that is now only ONE WEEK away.)

Twitter. I try, I really do. I tweet when I update my blog, I tweet when I want to complain about the fact that society requires me to wear pants, I sometimes respond to a friend’s tweet if I just so happen to be on-line at the correct moment to catch it. But overall? I just don’t quite “get it.”


Pinterest. This site continues to baffle me. There are tons of things I am not and will not be doing, cooking, wearing or crafting. I don’t need a list of these things, visual or no.

Yammer. This is a corporate Face-Twitter that my office wants to start using. Where I’m supposed to post second-by-second accounts of my work day tasks/accomplishments. (Finished Monday’s New York Times crossword puzzle in 8 minutes. Found a really interesting protein pancake recipe. E-mailed my mom.) Hmm, maybe honesty isn’t the best policy…

Social Media: Incast

I have just made “incast” a word. Deal with it.

Instagram. I love this thing. So much that I had to cut myself off. Oh, Instagram, we had fun times. Maybe again, someday, when I either develop self-control (yeah, right) or want to get back to accomplishing nothing productive in my life. Until then, I’ll just use you to make my iPhone pictures look good.

Blogging. Well, duh.

Goodreads. I love books! I love people who read books! I’m nosy about what books are being read and what people think about them!


Ravelry. What’s cooler than a social media site revolving around books? One that revolves around knitting and crocheting, of course! Now I just need to find one dedicated to German board games (and/or Magic: The Gathering–I’m looking at you, Sara) and my Internet nerd-dom will be official.


That throw? 1/3 of the way through my “fuck that!” goal!

What are your favorite/least favorite social media options?