It’s time to ‘fess up…

I really really wanted to participate in Heather’s MMAZ this week–Udon noodles!–but I really really didn’t want to put on pants and go to a grocery store. So I ate stir-fried cabbage with chopsticks. Close.


I woke up with Ludacris’s “Pimpin’ All over the World” stuck in my head. Where does my brain go while I’m sleeping?? (All over the world, apparently…)

I’ve been a bum in the kitchen. I have all these great recipes bookmarked, tons of ideas in my head…and then I eat out of a box for half my meals. (But seriously, why is shredded wheat so good? I mean, it’s just…shredded wheat…)


I will never (ever, ever) claim to like T. Swift. But when “Trouble” comes on during my morning commute, I yell along with the best of them. I say “yell,” because the noises that come out of my mouth are nothing like what the musically inclined would call “singing.”

I’ve been a bum in the gym. I’m going through the motions without pushing. But then I managed to bench 4 reps at my bodyweight yesterday (Huge accomplishment for me–rock on to you ladies who actually have bench-press power, but I won’t be a member of that club any time soon). Am I back at it? I need to be, that’s for sure.


Anything you need to get off your chest? (Like a heavy barbell?)