You can’t ask for anything more relaxing than a long weekend in Jamaica (okay, maybe coming home to weather that doesn’t involve tornadoes and ice storms would be nice, but hey, can’t win ’em all). And like all good food bloggers, IĀ  managed to take absolutely no pictures of anything I ate. (But trust me–Jamaican spices? Fabulous.) Beach pictures though? I have enough of those to hold me over for the next gray, rainy, icy month.


Sun, sand, sun, turquoise water, sun.


I’d love to say we went on all sorts of adventures and immersed ourselves in the culture, but mostly? We read trashy fantasy novels, reveled in our ability to wear shorts and flip-flops (…or nothing at all, thanks hotel room overlooking the nude beach!), and just forgot about the real world for a few short days.

Oh, and we drank a little bit too… (What?? If I pay for all-inclusive, I’m getting my money’s worth…)


And while I didn’t get a fruity-drink-in-a-coconut as I’d hoped…


I did manage to get coconut-in-a-fruity-drink.


Dear Jamaica: I miss you already, let’s hang out again soon.