At the beginning of this year, I decided I want more from life. More experiences, more travel, more adventure. I started this project last month by doing less in my pursuit of more–Fewer rules, self-limitations and “can’ts.” This resulted in purple hair, a relaxed attitude toward fitness and diet and an all-too-fabulous escape to Jamaica.

So while January was an escape, it turns out I have to return to the real world at some point. Since February is the shortest month, it’s time to wrap things up rather than get things going. My “goal” for February? Finish more. I am a champion at starting projects and coming up with ideas but ultimately getting nowhere. It’s time to bring some open-ended efforts to a close.

Finished by the First

Stop being a bum. I started slacking off in terms of pushing as hard as possible at the gym and eating as well as possible at home. It was a nice mental and physical pause, but now it’s time to finish that phase and get back at it. Starting today.

Finished by the Fifteenth

Paint my doors. I started repainting all the doors in my house. They are all primed and knobless, just waiting for one more coat of paint and the installation of already-purchased-but-lingering-in-drawers doorknobs.

“Read” my audiobook. I started an Audible subscription. I’m only 6 hours away from finishing my first book and not wasting my money.

Decorate my bathroom. I started to redo my bathroom. It looks amazing with new paint, floor mats and vanity, but I never quite got around to rehanging mirrors or putting in the final touches.

Knit it up. I started knitting an afghan. It’s done…except for weaving in the ends–the part I tend to put off indefinitely.

Finished by the Final

Buy a sofa. Seriously. I started this mission eight months ago. It’s beyond time. Just suck it up and buy something, even if it isn’t perfect.

Repaint it all. I started repainting my house when I bought it, and somehow still have one hallway and one bedroom left (this makes it sound like I have a huge house and not like I have a 1000sqft house I’ve just been too lazy/indecisive to finishing painting). I can do it.

What do you need to get done this month?