My weekend was all sorts of productive. Who knew all I had to do was actually give myself some deadlines? While I put together some house-and-life updates, I’ll leave you with my current literary adventures and a thank you to Fran for introducing me to the What Are You Reading? link up at Book Journey.


This weekend, I finished the epically amazing Anathem by Neal Stephenson.


This book is a history of classic thought philosophy not-so-subtly hidden within an epic sci-fi exploration. I will fully admit this book isn’t for everyone–if you want your typical space-opera, look elsewhere, but if you’re fascinated by philosophy, love great world-building and character structures and can enjoy a theoretical journey as much as an action-based journey, this whopping tome of a book is worth a read.


I’m just pages away from finishing The Long Song by Andrea Levy.


The Long Song is a historical fiction novel that features the story of July, a black woman living in Jamaica just as slavery ends. Great picture of life on sugar cane plantations with a lovable, unreliable and realistic main character.

To Read

I should be starting Embassytown by China Mieville before the day is over.


Mieville is one of my all-time favorite “new weird” writers. Almost steampunk, almost cyberpunk, mostly just dark-alternate-world-fantasy-punk (let’s make that a genre)–He has a writing style and feel that I can’t get enough of. His earlier books–Perdido Street Station and The Scar–remain my favorites, but I’ll still pick up any of his work that drifts my way.

What are you reading? What’s next on the list?