Myth: I don’t bake. Busted: If anyone can convince me to open my oven and do more than slide in a pan of veggies to roast, it’s this girl. Her corn muffins? Amazing giant servings of tasty high-protein breakfast goodness.


Myth: Low-sodium high-protein almond milk is a dream come true. Busted: It tastes like gritty ass. I appreciate the try, (Not) So Delicious.


Myth: I can’t function without coffee. Busted: I’ve accidentally gone three days without. Can’t notice a difference. Other than the fact that my life has lacked tasty hot drinks in the morning.

Myth: Chopsticks are for Chinese food. Busted: I can and I will eat my spaghetti and tomato sauce with chopsticks.


Myth: I have numbed my coworkers to the presence of weird food at my desk. Busted: Apparently my breakfast of hemp flatbread and tofu dilly-dip was enough to turn heads yet again. Just wait ’til they see what’s for lunch…


Well, it’s a post somewhat lacking in veggies, my life or I-promise-house-pictures-are-coming, but there you have it–my (some of) What I Ate Wednesday.