I’m taking this What I Ate Wednesday to celebrate my Tuesday eats, and the glory of food as fuel.

(Okay, so there are no visible veggies in the post. But there is fruit. Close?)

Food: Scrambled eggs with cranberry, peanut sauce and toast. Plus coffee.


Fueled: An early morning repainting project. My guest room is on its way toward looking so much better and so much less awful-sage-green.

Food: Dark chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds.


Fueled: Good feelings about life. Relaxation with a good book, treats and tea.

Food: Larger-than-head-sized burrito from an amazing (if sketchy) food stand in my fabulously hispanic neighborhood.


Fueled: Bafflement at my ability to put away this much food in ten minutes. A delightful food-coma-nap. A desire to hit up Mexican food stands more often.

Food: Greek yogurt topped with banana.

Fueled: An evening dance party for one. Talking to old friends on the phone. A good night’s sleep.

What’s your food been fueling?