I love Valentine’s Day. Yup, you heard me right, a member of the chronically-single who loves Valentine’s Day. Why? Because I use it as a day to celebrate the most important person in my life–Me!

So how do you rock a single Valentine’s Day? Well, it’s simple.

Step One: Treat Yo’ Self.

I bought me a present! How sweet. I won’t tell me what it is yet (I have to wait until this evening to unwrap it), but I’m sure I got me just what I wanted! I know me so well.


Step 2: Treat(s) Yo’ Self.

I love cookies. So not only did I make me cookies for breakfast, I’m going to make me cookies for dinner too. Because if there’s anyone I know who deserves cookies for two meals in one day, it’s me.


Step 3: Work Your Heart.

…Or at least your chest. Benching my own body weight at the gym this morning means I can pick me up when I’m down.

Step 4: Stop to smell the flowers.

How did I know yellow roses are my favorite??


Step 5: Appreciate yo’ self.

Because frankly, I’m pretty darn awesome, and I see nothing wrong with letting me know that.

Happy Valentine’s Day!