I ended yesterday’s post with the bold statement, “I am an adult.”

But then I had to rethink that sentiment. Because while anything after 20 used to seem so old, now that I’m there and then some? All I feel is so, “Is this real life yet?”  If it is, I am definitely not mature enough for it.

Adults Never…

Dress themselves out of the dryer for a week to avoid putting away laundry.

Sleep without sheets for a week to avoid putting away laundry.

Put on stripper heels and flail-dance around their houses to Spice Girls classics.


…Own multiple pairs of stripper heels.

Worry about whether or not their socks match their sneakers at the gym.

Don’t worry about whether jeans and a hoody are too casual for office-wear.

Put off grocery shopping until all that’s left in the fridge is half a tub of Greek yogurt, a quarter of a lemon and some almond milk.


Eat half a tub of Greek yogurt for dinner.

Ponder ways to turn almond milk and a quarter of a lemon into breakfast.

Make giant messes due to spontaneous loss of gripping skills.


Take pictures of spontaneous messes rather than immediately clean them up.

Spend time during busy, responsible work days to conduct such vital Google searches as the following:

  • Men in black lyrics. What comes between “Means what you think you saw, you did not see” and “Walk in shadow, move in silence”? I had to know.
  • He drinks a whiskey drink. How could I remember neither Tub Thumpin’ NOR Chumbawamba?
  • Magical Mr. I don’t even like musicals, but how the heck do you spell “Mistoffelees?”
  • How much does a banana weigh? Don’t tell me you’ve never wondered.
  • New England. What the heck was I hoping to learn? That’s pretty dang generic.
  • Goat noises. Alex understands.
  • Smart girl dumb booty. Why is that song so catchy??

Admit to just how not quite that adult yet they really are.

Do you plan on growing up any time soon?