Monday, I proved I was an adult. Tuesday, I proved I wasn’t. Today, I continue on my backwards-in-maturity trend and revel in “I may have turned 26 two days ago, but I’m really a 13 year old boy at heart.” How? By sharing with you one more thing adults neverΒ do. Eat bananas in public. Meghan cued me in to this social faux paus and broke a few rules of her own by posting a banana-eating photo for all the world to see. I couldn’t resist joining in.


I call this one, “Girl and Banana. 4am.” I would also like to point out that this is not my kitchen. Yes, I was up at 4am, in someone else’s kitchen, taking pictures of myself eating a banana.

So to honor this fruit that screams, “Class! Maturity! Refinement!” I am dedicating this post to that one fruit that you just can’t eat without giggling (Or at least I can’t. If you can? Kudos on being a grown-up. What’s it like?)

What I Ate Wednesday: This Shit Is Bananas

Breakfast: Ban-Omelet


I hear these are also referred to as “paleo pancakes.” I refuse. Banana omelet it is. With peanut sauce in a reused Greek yogurt container (I hear adults actually buy dishes) and some coffee.

Post-Workout: Shake and Banana


I was 7/8ths of the way through the banana before I remember the whole “photograph your bananas today” thing. Apologies. I’m hungry after the gym.

Lunch: Cocoa-Cardamom Banana Pancakes


Pancakes are totally lunch food. And these? Amaaaazing. I made my protein-filled banana bread pancakes, but veganized them by subbing 1/2 block of silken tofu (6oz) for the Greek yogurt. I then used chocolate protein powder instead of regular and sprinkled in a hint of cardamom and cinnamon.

Afternoon Snack: Banana-Cake


I’d been dreaming of Sarah’s peanut-banana cake ever since she mentioned it in her Valentine’s Day post. However, I was impatient. So I microwaved it. It would have benefited from properly-baked-cake texture rather than microwave-sponge-texture. But it was still delicious. Because peanut and banana. You can’t go wrong.

Dinner: Banana Stir-Fry


Cauli-rice and snap peas with a banana-curry sauce. This would totally qualify for Laura’s Strange but Good, if it weren’t for the fact that it was “Strange but Needs Work.” Fear not, I will keep at it!

Dessert: Banana and Balls


Because what goes better with bananas than balls? Cookie dough balls, that is.

Bananas: Love ’em, hate ’em, eat ’em in public?