My birthday week continues to be all about being an adult. While Tuesday and Wednesday focused on the joys of being a not-so-adult adult, today is about one of the best parts of actually being an adult. Sure, this is a topic that seems to be “taboo” across the healthy-living-blog, but who would I be if I hesitated to over-share?

On Valentine’s Day, I mentioned that I bought myself a present.


I didn’t mention what that present was.


Since I’m saving the bananas for my mouth these days (Wait…what?) and had been relying on a weak $10 “novelty” vibe that drained batteries like nobody’s business, I wanted to treat myself to a toy with some quality, options and power.

I’m a strong believer that sexual health is an essential part of overall health, confidence and body-appreciation (because heck, it’s the only body you get, you better like it and treat it right!). So how come this essential part of a healthy life never shows up in this here healthy blogging community? Healthy food, healthy fitness, sometimes healthy thoughts–but healthy sex (or sex replacement)? Not so much. But it should! A little self-love takes a lot of pressure off, in more ways than one. Relaxation, single-life-enjoyment, and, mostly importantly, fun. I mean, seriously, you can’t take yourself too seriously in any aspect of life–sex life particularly–or you’re getting nowhere.

Do you think a healthy sex life is a necessary part of an overall healthy life? Anything you’d like to over-share today?