It’s the final day of my birthday-week, and the final day of not-quite-an-adult-week here on the blog.

To celebrate being a responsible adult, I accidentally set my toast on fire this morning (yes, flames were involved). And then I ate that slice of charcoal anyway. If this doesn’t reveal my ever so slowly developing maturity level…well, here’s a post about a big ol’ bowl of balls.

Cookie dough balls.


I was pretty sure “cookie dough” wouldn’t count for Laura’s Strange but Good–until I remembered that coconut flour is pretty darn strange to those who don’t spend their days browsing blogs (who are those people??). And the fact that I actually like a recipe that involves coconut flour? That’s definitely strange but goodstrange, because I typically think coconut flour tastes like old laundry, and good, because I have a bag full of the stuff to use up. And now I can. One tablespoon at a time…


  • 1T coconut flour
  • 1t granulated sugar/brown sugar/fake sugar
  • 1/8t vanilla
  • 1/8t ginger
  • 1T almond milk

Stir together with a fork. Roll into balls. Eat.


Have a BALL this weekend!