I’ve been a little MIA this week. Why? Well, I am 90% sarcastic, cheesy, goofy and hyper to the point of what-is-she-on, but there’s another side to me, too. Y’all know I’m honest on here, and if I’m willing to give honest opinions, swear like a sailor, talk about embarrassing myself in public and discuss the joys of sex toys, well, it’s about time I ballsed up and talked about another topic that doesn’t always get blogged about–depressing things. Such as: Depression. Of the seasonal variety. While “bummed out” is my general mood in the winter, I have been oscillating between extreme levels of bitter, morose, lethargic and frustrated lately–and trust me, none of those are fun. And none of those make for good blog posts.

But you know what has been helping? Good food with good people. So while I slog my way out of my brain-mud, here’s a What I Ate Wednesday dedicated to tasty eats and the even better people I’ve eaten them with.



My parents drove through town on their way home from vacation, and we headed out to a new-to-me Thai restaurant. Thai Taste was excellent, authentic and perfectly spiced. Massaman curry, green curry, summer rolls, spring rolls and star-shaped rice. Too cute!

Blog Friends


The fabulous Heather came through town on Saturday, and we went to one of my favorites–The Wild Cow! Vegan, delicious, amazing. I got a buffalo tempeh salad that was to die for. And then we broke our vegan run by stopping by the next-door gourmet ice cream haven that is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, where, after much sampling and debating, I went with one scoop of Brambleberry crisp and one of Yazoo Sue with rosemary beer nuts.

Best Friends

AJ doesn’t make it into the blog as much as she should, but she’s the (platonic…mostly) love of my life. And while our Mexican meal at Las Palmas was pathetic and not worthy of a photo, nothing picks up your mood more than good gal-pal time.

Old Friends


An old roommate just got back from a European vacation, so we celebrated (and I jealously listened to tales of his adventures) over an Ethiopian feast at Mesob Ethiopian Cuisine. Injera, spices, heaven.



Well, I made it clear in my Valentine’s Day post that I’m pretty awesome. So how could I not enjoy ooey gooey PB and banana toast with that special someone: me?

Who have you been eating with lately? Try any new restaurants?