My plan to get more from this year is off to a good start.

In January, I did less to do more.

In February, I finished more.

In March, I am going to be more kind to myself.

Thank you to everyone who left such positive and/or inspiring comments on my brief post about depression. I’ve dragged myself through the dumps this winter, and, while I’ll come out on top, I’m coming out battered and beat-up, physically and mentally. I want to start spring off right–refreshed, positive and healthy. I want to make changes to feel better, get outside of my head and tackle the world. So, without further ado, here’s my plan for a little self-TLC this month–and a few tasks I’ve already accomplished. It’s only day one!

Be More Outside Myself

I want to have some perspective and at least a vague idea of what is going on in the world.

  • Step One: Switch my homepage to Listen to NPR during the morning commute (but no way am I giving up crappy pop/hip-hop in the afternoons). Done.
  • Step Two: Spend more time with good friends.
  • Step Three: Talk to strangers. I manage to isolate myself even when I’m out in public, but who doesn’t feel better after sharing random inanities with purple-haired weirdos at the grocery store?

Care More about My Appearance

I want to look like a put-together human being, even if I don’t always feel that way.

  • Step One: Make an appointment to get my shaggy mop of split-ended hair cut for the first time in five months. Done.
  • Step Two: Buy good makeup. Not the cheap crap that makes my eyes burn and swell and that I never wear…because it makes my eyes burn and swell.
  • Step Three: Dress nice. Like, wear some outfits for work, rather than some what was on the top of the (hopefully) clean laundry pile.

Pay More Attention to My Health

Physical and mental–I tend to ignore molehills until they are mountains.

  • Step One: Cook more. I haven’t really posted about it, but I’ve been angry at/bored with/unenthusiastic about food. But I’m making changes. Not done, but started. Stay tuned.
  • Step Two: Be more active. Yes, I lift regularly (well, mostly regularly). But outside of that? I sit at a desk. Sit in my car. Sit at home. Sleep too much. Time to walk, dance and generally just bop around.
  • Step Three: Self-examine more. Take time to examine my moods, thoughts and attitudes.

Create More

Art, diy projects and giant messy crafts make me feel good.

  • Step One: Sign up for a pottery class again. Done.
  • Step Two: Start a new knitting project.
  • Step Three: Make time to paint or doodle, even if I’m not in the “mood.”

Appreciate More

I really really do love me and my life.

  • Step One: Remember that I really really do  love me and my life. Done.
  • Step Two: Make quiet time. Try some meditation, hot baths, or quiet moments with red wine and dark chocolate.

And most importantly?

Laugh more.

Because life is ridiculous. In the best way possible.

What’s the kindest thing you’ve done for you lately?