There are a few things common sense tells me I really shouldn’t do.

I shouldn’t drink wine by myself on a Friday night.


…But the opportunity to tipsily catch up on Downton Abbey while enjoying a bar of dark dark chocolate was too hard to pass up. And by “too hard,” I mean, I didn’t even try.

I shouldn’t take responsibility for other living things.


…But how can I be expected to remember such things as, “life requires water?”

I shouldn’t find bodily functions so funny.


…But I keep eating asparagus anyway.

I shouldn’t have gone tanning on my lunch break.

…But, while I don’t give a fig about being tan, it felt great to be hot, bright and middle-of-the-day naked.

I shouldn’t eat while driving.


…But it’s so dang convenient, distracted-driving hazards aside.

What shouldn’t you be doing?