Strange but Good

This week’s Strange but Good? Chicken.

Wait, you say chicken isn’t strange?

What if I tell you I ate it plain with some sides?

No? That’s fairly common?

How about if this is only my second week of eating chicken after 8+ years of vegetarian/vegan-ism?


Last week, I started with a package of breasts from Trader Joe’s which resulted in some simple lunches.


This week? I went whole hog chicken. I popped into the Franklin Farmer’s Market and chatted up a few farm stands before going with a chicken from Triple L Ranch–They primarily offer beef but had some local, pasture-raised, hormone-free, happy-life-lived chickens for sale. To minimize raw-meat-touching, I dumped the whole thing (plus an onion) in a crock pot and sprinkled it with jerk seasoning. Four hours later? Perfectly cooked chicken!


…That I then ate for breakfast.



I told you it was a little bit strange.

And while coming to terms with eating meat again hasn’t been a walk in the park, while forgetting about calories, macros and “rules” takes way more than simply deciding against obsessing, I am overall feeling good. Because I’m enjoying step one: Slowing down and enjoying food for what it is again. And I’m getting close to step two: Forgiving myself for my slips, trips and stumbles.

What normal foods are “strange” to you?