If I’m anything, I’m crafty. Okay, if I’m anything, I’m a book-reading hermit, but in between pages (and plates of food), I like to make crap. I’m professional at nothing but proficient at lots, and it’s about time I showed off some projects.


I mentioned that I signed up for another pottery class–This one is focusing on glazing techniques. Glazing techniques like, “Put a squid on it.” I made up that technique. I believe the proper term is “Sgraffito.” (This isn’t glazed yet, it’ll be fancy and shiny once it is.)

Rock out with your squid out.

Rock out with your squid out.


I like making giant, impossible-to-clean messes. Oil painting helps me in this pursuit. Nothing like scraping paint off of floors after you accidentally track it around the house on your socks. How did I even step in it to begin with??

I have no idea how to photograph paintings.


I ran out of P-alliteration. I put this quilt top together a year ago, but it took a visit to my quilt-master Aunt’s place to finally get the backing sewn on last weekend.


My aunt and mom are adorable. I hope they don’t mind being on the Internet.


Afghans! Afghans galore! This ended up not matching my living room, so I gave it to my mom. and I have an excuse to make another.

Crafts my mom is not good at: Photography.

What do you like to make? What should I make next??