Sometimes, you are uninspired when it comes to blogging. So sometimes, you decide to take a week to only post via link-up prompting. Luckily, Meghan‘s starting me off right this week with her brand spankin’ new (emphasis on the spankin’) Week in Review link-up. So since I love Meghan, love lists, and love celebrating the little things, here you go! A list of the (not so) big and small accomplishments of my week.



First and foremost, I went to work every single day. Yup, I’m pretty good at my job.

  • Monday: Started the week with a kick-off of Sara and my’s side project blog: Virgins Who Can’t Drive. Made a delightfully ugly vase in pottery class.
  • Tuesday: Fajitas and RuPaul with best friends. Three of my favorite things.
  • Wednesday: Actually ate some salad.
  • Thursday: Took a nap at 5pm. That was a mistake. Cooked (read: fried) a plantain for the first time in years. Devoured it gleefully. Did not take pictures.


Ate sausage (the turkey kind, you naughty reader, you) for the first time since nixing on vegan. It was delicious.

Made the last minute decision to drive and see the folks. Or maybe just got hit with an on-the-road Dunkin’ Donuts craving.


Saw the folks. Did my taxes. Slept.


Worked out with my mom. Always hilarious.

Read, napped and played cribbage by the fire.


Drove home. Dinner with friends. Slept.


Trader Joe’s shopping spree.

Knitting, hot tea, and Ted. What a classy combination.


Prepped food for the week. Really considered cleaning. Slept.

There you have it: One whole week, in review! Go check out the link-up and some other fabulous weekly reviewers, and say “hi” to Meghan while you’re there!