I love veggies. Seriously, I do. Dinner isn’t dinner unless my plate is 50% green.


And omelet isn’t an omelet unless the veg-to-egg ratio makes you question it’s omelet-status.


Plus I’m known to occasionally (daily) stand in front of the fridge and eat entire bags of snap peas, containers of cherry tomatoes or pounds of carrot sticks.

But a salad? Despite taking a quick dip into them a few weeks ago, they just don’t happen regularly. Even when Meghan punches gently prods me in the right direction. It may have something to do with my (lack of) presentation. Or the fact that when I do make a salad, it’s because I have a pile of about-to-go-bad stuff in the fridge I don’t know what else to do with.. Or my insistence that ketchup is totally a legit salad dressing.


But soon? I won’t have a choice.


It’s going to be salad time!