Last week was pretty awesome. But awesome in a I-didn’t-do-much sort of way. Which makes it hard to list what I did accomplish. So instead? Here’s a week in review, focusing on what I didn’t do. That wasn’t supposed to rhyme. But then it did.


I didn’t take any pictures.

Deal with this text-only post.

I didn’t go in to the office.

Yup, they let me take one whole, glorious week to work from home.

I didn’t go in to the gym.

Yup, I let me take one whole, glorious week to take long walks but not much else.

I didn’t do much blogging.

Apologies for being MIA in your comments.

I didn’t not eat an entire jar of peanut butter in one day.

It was even the kind with, *gasp*, sugar and salt added.

I didn’t go grocery shopping.

WhichΒ  may have had something to do with me surviving on a jar of peanut butter for a day.

I didn’t read any of the serious, well-written literary books on my shelves.

Instead, I read a mediocrely-written ode to geek culture.

I didn’t tell the truth when I said I took no pictures.

Cat photos FTW.


What didn’t you do last week?