Since last week can pretty much be summed up as being outdoors, eating outdoors and plants outdoors, there really isn’t much to recap. But it’s Monday, and, since I’m always on time (exceptin’ for one time) for a link-up when it’s hosted by my main squeeze Meghan, I’m making do. How? With a slight rule bend.

Rather than a review? You get a PREVIEW.


I used my paint skills to do that sneaky graphics edit. Impressed? You should be.

Monday I will…

Blog: This post!

Do: Put together a lot of boring spreadsheets at work. Relax after work with my next-to-last pottery class. Sign up for another pottery class.

Tuesday I will…

Blog: Plan on posting something, have no good ideas, probably not post.

Do: I’m going to scrapbook some things. Wild times ahead!

Wednesday I will…

Blog: Post about what I ate on Tuesday.

Do: Go on what may be a date or may be a hanging-out-among-two-oppositely-gendered-friends-who-are-getting-slightly-touchier-every-time-they-do-so.


Thursday I will…

Blog:Β Plan on posting something, have no good ideas, probably not post.

Do: Maybe maybe maybe meet a foster dog. That I maybe maybe maybe might adopt.


Friday I will…

Blog: Get my weird shit together and rejoin the #strangebutgood crowd.

Do: Be a tourist in my own city! After visiting Cheekwood Gardens for the first time last week, I’ve decided to do more local tourism. This week? I’m going for the Frist Museum!

This Weekend I Will…

Garden! The family is coming into town, and they are bringing a giant tiller. I can’t wait to get to seriously planting.

And of course throw in lots of reading, relaxing, good food and crafty projects over the whole course of that.

What are you looking forward to this week?