Despite the best laid plans of separate What I Ate Wednesday and #strangebutgood posts…This just week begged for a combination, thanks to some adventurous eating out.

First and foremost, BBQ for breakfast? If you’re in the south, darn right.


BBQ omelet courtesy of Bar-B-Cutie, home of delicious smokey BBQ.

Second and…second most, One Cactus. I was intrigued by this menu item the last time I went to my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican place, but opted for the chicken fajitas instead.


However, I couldn’t resist for long, and had to go back. One cactus, indeed.


From the fabulously fresh and authentic El Tapatio.

And last night? I ventured to a new Korean restaurant. While I giggled at this menu item, I ended up going for spicy seafood soup instead.


Little did I know, spicy seafood soup meant spicy entire octopus soup.



New (incredibly chewy) life experience thanks to Hai Woon Dai.

Are you adventurous when eating out? Strangest thing you’ve ordered at a restaurant?