Since it’s almost the end of the month, I thought I’d bend the rulesΒ yet again on this week’s Week in Review and go for a GOAL in review. My month’s goal was to be more like a chicken. If that makes no sense to you, deal with it read this post for an explanation.


I broke out the Paint skillz again. I’m also aware Paint has a text feature, but really, that’s too easy.

Be more like a chicken goal: Be whim-ful.

  • I, on a whim, took an entire week off from work, the gym and most of my blogging duties. So maybe I won’t have as many vacation days to spend travelng, maybe I lost a little strength, maybe I missed out on a few awesome posts…But fuck it, I had one fun week of just dicking around and doing nothing with my life.
  • I also, on a whim, made a ridiculous schedule request at work. We’ll see how it goes.
  • I whimfully decided to adopt a dog. But was beaten to the punch. Darn 12-year-old girls, ganking cute puppies before I get a chance to meet them.

Be more like a chicken goal: Play in the dirt.

  • I got started on my garden! Only lettuce and herbs so far, but I’ll be salad-ing in no time.
  • I signed up for another muddy pottery class.
  • I took time to smell the flowers.

Be more like a chicken goal: Be curious and explore.

Be more like a chicken goal: Enjoy good food.

I’m still working on this. After a few failed attempts to get calories, health stats and nutrition facts out of my head, I feel like I’m finally making a little headway. And by that I mean, I’m trying to eat adventurously, taste what I cook and have cookies for breakfast more often.

Did you set any goals for the month? How’d they go?