Yesterday I teased that there was ONE MORE new addition to my backyard…


And here it is! So I’m NOT promising this fantastic face a forever home yet–but I AM promising to give this dog-ownership-business a shot for a week and see how the furry friend and I hit it off. Nothing’s official, so I’m currently at a “foster home” status. If I decide I’m *gulp*Β ready for commitment…great. If not? I’ll have given her a home and some socializing for a few days–win/win.


She’s the dog I was interested in a week or so ago but lost to a quicker-on-the-draw bratty 12 year old (who in all fairness I have never met and is probably very sweet and not bratty). The family decided it wasn’t the right time for a dog after all, so this young lady ended up coming home with me.


This feisty Mountain Feist is here for the week, Β jogging by my side, racing around my yard (and already figuring out how to get out of my fence), and seeing if she can work her way into my heart–it’s a pretty solitary place, but I’m trying to give her a fair chance. Because, really, just look at her!

Do you own a dog? Ever fostered a pet?