I used my last WIAW to reveal some of the stranger restaurant finds I’ve come across lately. This Wednesday? Forget strange, let’s celebrate some all-American classics. Brought to you by the letter B and an adoration of alliteration.

I’m lovin’ this American food, American fooood…


Pile of pulled pork with a pickle perched on top.


(Deliciously moist pork, collard greens and black-eyed peas from Edley’s BBQ.)


Healthy conversation with Heather at a new burger haven.


(“The Farm” burger at Burger Republic: Black bean burger topped with a fried egg.)


Cream biscuit crafted with care, cradling a cheese content combo. Alternate title: Pre-eating prior to picking up my potential pup.


(I snagged an egg, homemade pimento cheese and ham biscuit as I raced out of the Franklin Farmer’s Market to spur-of-the-moment go get a dog.)


Yummilicious yolkporn.


(Hashed potatoes and chorizo sausage topped with smoked gouda momay sauce and poached egg from Wild Ginger.)

Best “American” food you’ve had lately?