While I manage to never quite actually review a week like I’m supposed to, thanks to Meghan I’ve gotten pretty good at reviewing previews, goals, and gardens, so could you expect anything less than another bending of the rules this week?

Shopping in Review

If you’re at all familiar with me, you’ll know I’m just about as cheap as can be. If I can get it for less, get it on sale, or just get by without it, I will. But this weekend? I dusted off the ol’ credit card and got online–so it’s time for some shopping in review. A list of all things I agreed to the arbitrary monetary value of over the past few days!

Fancy chocolate.


Sunday was Mother’s Day, after all.



Because sometimes you open a dresser drawer and realize how grungy and lacking in elastic all your panties underwear have become. (Upon review, I’ve determined I don’t own anything even remotely sexy or delicate enough to be deemed “panties.” I’m an underwear sort of girl.) Also ordered: A pair of shorts and a jacket. Because nothing says “Spring shopping” like a jacket.

iPhone App.


I’ve had an iPhone for over 2 years. Yesterday was the first time I paid money for an app.

Tea Spree.


An Allie who runs out of tea is an unhappy Allie. An Allie who runs out of tea is also an Allie who goes a little bonkers and buys 8 boxes of tea from iHerb. Also ordered: Two new-to-me ingredients–Kitchen adventures toΒ  come!



Sometimes you read well-researched nonfiction. Sometimes you read classic literature. And sometimes you read escapist YA fantasy novels. In one day. Also ordered: Cinder and River of Doubt. Because who doesn’t love of a good combo of fantasy books and nonfiction novels about Theodore Roosevelt?

Plane tickets.

Where am I going? OH-HO! Wouldn’t you just love to know!

Been shopping lately? Grab anything good?