Yesterday was all about what I have bought recently–but there’s one thing I didn’t buy that y’all may be wondering about…


I fostered this happy gal last week. We had a fabulous 9 days together, but I decided to leave it at that and not go for adoption. It turns out that, well, I’m just not an all-the-time-dog person. She was a perfect little lady, so it was definitely an, “It’s me, not you” situation. I don’t have the willingness to give what it takes to provide the best level of care, engagement and interaction on a long-term basis. While I felt guilty at first, I realized that no, recognizing my shortcomings as a pet owner is the responsible and adult move. Plus I really don’t like the smell of dog.

But, I discovered that I do like fostering. So after I air out my home, vacuum up the fur and take a few weeks to not have responsibility (you know, other than generally just trying to look after myself–which it turns out is no small task), I’ll give another pooch a much-needed interim home.

Best of luck to you, my doggy friend, and if anyone’s looking for a pup and lives in the south, I can’t recommend the amazing people and dogs at FORrescue enough!