I like to forge my own path, do things my own way, and act like a disgruntled party pooper when I have to compromise or accommodate others. But it turns out that sometimes, letting others influence you is a very good thing.


And finally getting around to joining in Jessie’s Together Tuesdays link-up? Even better.

So here’s a wrap-up of the good things other people have just forced me to make over the past week.

Heather rooted for Red Velvet Cake.

I’d already been nomming on beets and Greek yogurt when Heather posted this combo, so I couldn’t resist following her lead with sprinkle of chocolate (and some homemade hazelnut butter).


(And nope, these aren’t the beets I referenced yesterday–Bodacious beet-itudes are still heading your way.)

Laura gabbed about Greek yogurt.

Laura mentioned a local yogurt company (AtlantaFresh) with some amazing Greek flavors. I don’t typically like flavored yogurt (I’d much rather add my own toppings/flavors–see above) and it was more than twice as expensive as my usual Greek options, but local, grass fed and with flavors likeย cherry port and strawberry basil balsamic? Talked me into it.

Atlanta Fresh

I was blown away by the cherry port. It was like soaking rich, ripe cherries in port and cream overnight and then eating with a spoon. Unfortunately the container wasn’t large enough to stick my face in. The price and sweetness level will keep these from being a regular purchase, but what a treat!

Michelle cooked with kelp noodles.

After Michelle promised kelp noodles were nothing like shirataki (seriously, does anyone enjoy those?), I gave ’em a go with an Italian-style sauce featuring broccoli and Quorn “meat” crumbles.


Kelp noodles are kinda expensive for something that tastes like…well, nothing. While they provide a cool stringy-crunchy texture, I feel like a nice bag of crisp broccoli-and-carrot slaw would have done the same. But with more flavor for less money.

Tara posted about paleo pad thai.

I had to request the source for Tara’s paleo pad thai dish. I’m not paleo (although my Instagram is starting to look otherwise), but I have a love of good sauces and things-that-aren’t-rice.


I stir-fried asparagus, onion, yellow squash, broccoli and some crab meat, then whipped up this sauce. I tripled the garlic and ten-millioned the hot pepper, resulting in a magical, tangy, flavorful, creamy stir-fry sauce. I drank the leftover sauce. And licked the blender. That’s when you know it’s good.

Who’s influencing you in the kitchen these days?