So here’s something new I’m going to try on the blog–a featured food each week! As a cheap-ass thrifty single gal, I tend to buy what’s on sale and stock up on deals. This is a great way to stay on budget, but it often means I have to eat a lot of one ingredient over the course of the week. Foodies and non-foodies alike often raise an eyebrow (“You ate cabbage how many meals in a row this week??”), but focusing on one ingredient doesn’t mean your food has to be boring, unbalanced or uninteresting. And today I’m going to beet, err, beat, that point home!


This bundle was something of a splurge–$3.50 at the farmer’s market–but they looked so fresh and delicious, and I knew I could more than get my money’s worth. How do you stretch out (and not get bored by) a bundle of beets? Let me show you my stingy frugal ways!

Featured Food: Beets

A beautiful plate of pan-seared lemon-thyme tilapia with roasted beets, garlic chevre and greens…


A “Red Velvet” Greek yogurt plate….


A quick to-go salad with roasted beets, chicken and garlic-pepper sugar peas…


Beet stem “noodles” (Boodles?) and tilapia with this lick-the-blender-good pad thai sauce

(And if using beet stems as noodles doesn’t count as #strangebutgood, well, then I just don’t know what does.)


(Unpictured) Remaining “boodles” chopped up and scrambled with egg for breakfast…

And beet beat a drum-roll for the GRAND finale…

A grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with fresh local goat cheese, roasted beet slices, and sauteed beet greens…Seriously.


So there you have it: One bundle of beets, 6 unique and gourmet-ish meals, no repeats! For a grand total of about $12.74, “pricey” local beets, chicken and goat cheese included. And if you’d be bored with this week’s selection of eats, well, there’s just no pleasing some folk I suppose.

Favorite way to use beets?

Should I make a Featured Food a weekly thing?