As I’ve been reexamining my goal for the month of ignoring all the shoulds, rules and expectations I’ve placed on myself, well, it turns out that shoulds are much easier to identify than to control or work past. But I have an idea of what might help…

A “Fuck That” Friday

I should conform to rules of proper polite language and blog etiquette.

Fuck that, IΒ will swear like a sailor if I damn well please.

I should use my free time to read books, learn new skills and expand my mind.


Fuck that, I will marathon The Vampire Diaries, and IΒ will be ridiculously excited to do so.

I should lift heavy.

Fuck that, I am burnt out on my gym routine. I will stop feeling guilty about unenthusiastically half-assing my workouts, IΒ will stop worrying about not gaining strength or even *gasp* losing muscle, and I will find new moves to refresh my fitness energy. (Or I will just take shitloads of time off from working out and not worry about it.)

I should focus on whole, healthy, high-protein meals.


Fuck that, life just calls for Poptarts. For lunch. I will enjoy my super-fruits in toaster-pastry form, and I will not consider it a cheat meal. It’s just a meal. A damn good one. That I can have any time I want.

I should put on a real bra.

Fuck that, I bought and wore this snazzy new sports bra all day for five days in a row (don’t worry, I’ve washed it…once). I will let ’em hang in casual comfort.

I should recognize that I work in an open office floor environment. And not take selfies involving banana consumption when coworkers are around.


Fuck that, #publicbanana is happening. I will eat what I want, where I want, and I will take a picture of myself doing so.

What’s a “should” you’d like to buck?

Recommend/link to a fun gym routine for me!