If you couldn’t tell by my Fuck That post, as of Friday I’d had enough of last week. So I made a last-minute decision to skedaddle out of the city, visit family and let it all go for the weekend.


While I don’t want to look back on the beginning of the week, it ended up being a weekend totally worth reviewing–and linking up to Meghan’s Week in Review.

I let go of some weird alcohol ban I’d placed on my life.

And found my new favorite mixed drink in the process.


My lack of willingness to drink seemed to come from a good-health-decision place but was really coming from an uptight-can’t-let-go-of-anything place. Getting tipsy on negronis on a perfect sunny day? It’s a good thing.

I let go of the idea that every meal has to have protein.

Or moderation. I mindlessly snacked on half a box of crackers with half a jar of PB. For breakfast.


I felt ill afterward. It was totally worth it. Can’t remember the last time I’ve snacked for a meal. Or eaten without thinking. Yes, mindless eating is normally viewed as an “unhealthy” thing–But for me? Victory. Salty, creamy, crunchy victory.

I let go of the idea that I just can’t do yoga.

And broke out my old “textbook” for the yoga class I took years ago.


Yeah, I was a little bored and had no idea what I was doing–but so what? I’m still glad I took the time to flop around on the ground. I also recognize that proper yoga practice probably isn’t described as “flopping around on the ground.” But we’re all unique. You do yoga your way, I’ll do it mine.

IΒ let go of the idea that I have to go to the gym to work out.

I opted to stay at home for a dance-around-in-my-underwear “workout.”


Forget traditional HIIT, have you tried gettin’ low recently??

I let go of my grocery budget.

Haha, just kidding. I LOVE A GOOD SALE!


Plus I needed to restock anyway.

All in all this was a weekend full of relaxation, successes and little victories. No, it wasn’t perfect, no, letting go wasn’t an easy or constant thing. But hey, a start’s a start.