Last week, I bought a beautiful bundle of beets and came up with the genius (if I do say so myself…) idea to feature a food each week. But a spur-of-the-moment weekend away, hot weather and general laziness sent me off-track.

I started with some asparagus. Because if hot pink beet-pee isn’t your thing, why not leap to the next-most-infamous vegetable for bathroom surprises?


I drew this at work. Some days you’re productive, some days they make you work on holidays. So there.

I was going to make a stir-fry. But then I had an old (err, “aged”?) carton of French onion soup and was apparently convinced a stir-fry would be too much work. You know you’re lazy when stir-frying sounds tough. So I made some egg-drop-like soup with asparagus bits instead…


I was going to put together a fancy from-scratch cream-of soup.Ā But then my prepared asparagus spears just begged to be effortlessly dipped in goat cheese.


I was going to batter and bake some spears. But I had to work on Memorial Day which left me grumpy, to say the least. Grumpy, and in need of an All-American turkey-dog (or three). And since the mustard and ketchup were out for the dunkin’, well, quick broiled spears got the dip treatment too.


I was going to make asparagus-based fajitas. But caramelized onions take forever. And my cilantro has yet to take off, but my parsley is becoming rather bush-like. So I served up broiled asparagus spears with a refreshing home-grown salad with lemon-parsley yogurt dip.


So, there you have it, some lazy ways to use asparagus. As in, “dip it in stuff.”

What’s your favorite way to use asparagus?