As the year progresses, I’ve been setting monthly goals to do more.

May’s goal turned into a personal challenge to buck the shoulds and live life my way without second thoughts, self-doubt or guilt. Of course you can’t achieve that in a month (and I flat out sucked at it for the first three weeks), but I think I’m finally figuring out how toΒ start, at least. And there’s no better start than a fresh start, so I give you June’s continued goal to leave the rules behind and forge my own path (rather than travel along an old rut).

Be More (Allie) Fresh.

So let me rock to the rhythm of the funky rhyme and master these goals just one more time.

(No matter what I say, it always come out fly.)

Fresh Attitude

No, I don’t just mean inserting more, er, “fresh” language into my posts and life (although I do plan on speaking up and out more). I need to continue to ignore the shoulds, discover the me behind them and put the spunk back in my thoughts and actions.

Fresh Fitness

I mentioned being bored with the same ol’ lifting, so this is the month for new classes, new scenery and new routines. I’m going to make fitness fun and something I’m passionate about again.

Fresh Eats

Yes, fresh in terms of local in-season goodness, but also fresh in terms of new ingredients, new products, and new recipes.


Grocery “shopping” for the week: Chicken-and-egg CSA, homegrown greens, farmer’s market beets and goat cheese.

Fresh Faces and Places

Travel more, see more local sites, say more random words to strangers!

What’s something fresh and new in your life?