I missed Meghan’s link-up party yesterday, but you know what’s really fashionably late? Show up a whole day later than you’re supposed to. Try it for a real-life party sometime, and watch your hosts’ look of awed surprise.


I took yesterday to chat about my goals for this month–and now I can take the opportunity to show how well I’ve rocked ’em already with a little Week(end) in Review. I didn’t plan on this being any out-of-the-ordinary weekend. But it ended up feeling like a total escape. I didn’t treat it any differently/do anything different from a regular weekend, so what was the difference? A fresh attitude! I did my best to focus on all the good things I did do rather than focusing on what I didn’t get done instead. No feeling guilty about what I didn’t accomplish, because what I did do? It rocked.

It’s okay that I didn’t…read from any of the three novels I have started.

Because I…was in the mood to browse magazines in the sun.

It’s okay that I didn’t…go to the gym.


Because I…took lazy mornings on the patio and long walks (to hilarious audiobooks) in the afternoon.

It’s okay that I didn’t…get around to catching up on blog reading.

Because I…spent time doodling, napping and, well, not blog reading.

It’s okay that I didn’t…stick to my grocery budget.


Because I…supported local farmers and had way too much fun wandering around the farmer’s market.

It’s okay that I didn’t…vacuum the house.

Because I…had way more fun wandering around my muddy garden barefoot and then traipsing in through the front door.

It’s okay that I didn’t…do anything social on Saturday night.


Because I…responded to inner call for a night in with B-movies, beer and burritos instead.

It’s okay that I didn’t…do this that or the other chore, errand, mental task, physical task, emotional task or responsible adult action.

Because I…had a damn good weekend!