Remember that goal to make life fresh that I’ve been talking about all week? Well, here’s part one of fresh food, which is part two of the goal, which is part six of the year. Are you still with me, or is that too (two?) much math for a Wednesday? I hope not, because today I’m doubling up WIAW and my fresh take on feasting–and featuring my garden goodies in the process!

What (Fresh Food) I Ate Wednesday: Homegrown Greens Editions

How I Made It: Classy


Broiled tilapia filets on a bed of cucumber with homegrown sprouts and lettuce.

How I Made It: Fast


Cubed cod, homegrown mustard-green sprouts and shiitake mushrooms stir-fried in a lime-coconut sauce.

How I Made It: Cheap


Costco turkey burger, asparagus spears, ketchup and fluffy homegrown lettuce.

How I Made It: Breakfast


Two local eggs, one Trader Joe’s chicken sausage, lots of turnip sprouts.

How do you like to use your greens?