If I call my goal to make life more fresh “The Freshness,” is it only me that thinks it sounds like some weird reverse-aging disease? No? I watch too many bad horror movies? Okay then. Onwards and upwards. Not only am I tackling a fresh attitude and eating fresh food, I’m taking steps towards a fresh fitness approach and checking out some fresh faces and places.

I rarely post about fitness, other than the general, “I lift weights.” Why? I won’t lie, it’s because I don’t read other people’s detailed fitness posts. I don’t skim ’em, I don’t browse ’em, I flat out skip ’em. If you’re all, “I went for a run!” I’m all, “Cool!” If you’re all, “I ran 4.3256 miles in 5.6732 minutes and burned 5432 calories with an HR of ZEUS,” I’m all, “Hey, there’s a dead bug on the window sill over there.” But since fitness is a huge part of my life and I’ve had fun with it this week, I want to share a few details. In a hopefully entertaining fashion. That’s right, put in work, eat your salad, (I’ll still eat) dessert, it’s…

Allie’s Workout Plan


Sunday: Made my neighbors hate me. How is that a workout? Grab a jump rope, get an interval timer, go outside at 6am. Slap the pavement with your rope, swear when you repeatedly (and frequently) trip over the rope (or your own feet), and intersperse said slapping and swearing with high pitched beeping at regular intervals. AKA: This workout.
Monday: Looked a little crazy. How is that a workout? Download the Bossypants audio book, plug in your headphones, go for a walk and laugh uncontrollably while meandering around the neighborhood.
Tuesday: Forced myself into the spotlight. How is that a workout? Go to the gym, decide to not lift the same weight you’ve been lifting for weeks. Discover that dropping more than 2.5x your body weight on the leg press machine makes a particularly impressive amount of noise. But I managed to get one rep in first.
Wednesday: Surprised myself. I felt like jogging. So I went for a jog. Who am I?
Thursday: Quit. How is quitting a workout? Go to the gym, do one lat pull-down set, stare at the free weights, don’t do what you just don’t want to do, go home. Sanity saved.
Friday: Get on an airplane. How is that a workout? I’m sure my excitement about spending the weekend with Meghan is doing something healthy like burning calories or building The-Rock-esque biceps. Or maybe it’s just making me look forward to a relaxing time with good people and good food.

Do you read or follow other people’s workout plans? What are you getting into this weekend?