While I sort of recapped my trip to Ohio on Monday, well, Meghan and I did eat a few things that weren’t bananas. Because when two food bloggers get together, there is no other option but good fresh food and lots of it. And for me to report in detail.

Let’s start with the fresh bread. While Nashville offers many things, fresh, crusty homemade bread just isn’t one of them. Simply looking at (and smelling) fresh bread was a treat, but I still had to shove a loaf in my backpack to take home. Yes, I that happened.


Meghan and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (err, I mean, “The Hubs”) took me out to dinner on Friday night at The Greenhouse Tavern. The food was spectacular–the stars being goat-cheese ricotta-stuffed semolina pasta and a stinky cheese fondue lamb burger. And drinks.


Saturday started off on the right foot. There’s nothing like having a fabulous host serve you alcohol for breakfast early morning mimosas, eggs and roast veggies.


Saturday also featured a salad from the salad-master herself (and I contributed my raw tomato sauce as accompaniment to a fresh lemon pasta).


Sunday featured brunch at The Root Cafe. I, of course, pay good money to travel North and see and eat new things…only to order biscuits and (vegan tempeh) gravy. Worth it.


So of course there were also tons of fresh veggies, fresh fruits and Meg-made granola, and I went home full–of good, real food.

Have you been enjoying any recent travel eats?